MUSIC MAKERS STUDIOS is a professional rehearsal studio complex located in Surrey BC Three studios to choose from ranging from the big, sound engineered Studios 1 and 2  to the luxurious Penthouse Studio with drum riser & private washroom.
Studios 1 and 2 have 15 inch thick walls with high levels of sound containment materials so you hear more from your band and not the one next door.
The Penthouse Studio is isolated from Studios 1 and 2 by over 2 ft. 
of sound containment materials and air space.
Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, Behringer, Shure, Yamaha, and other familiar names. 
Need to make a video?
No worries. Book the penthouse and we have a 1080p camcorder for you to make a video
  • Shure SM Series Mics with stands etc.

  • HP Printer

  • Music Stands

  • Guitar Stands

  • Sony Camcorder 

• Behringer 600 watt mixer 
• 2 x JBL JRX115 Front speakers 
• 2 x JBL JRX112 Monitors

All Studios

  • 2 Marshallheads with 4 x 12" slant cabs

  • Ampeg 350 watt top with Ampeg 4 x 10" cab

  • Fender Combo Amp with 2 x 10" speakers for keyboard or acoustic guitar.

  • JBL Floor Monitors

  • Yamaha Stage Custom drum kits with dual toms, kick pedal, hi-hats, 20 " ride, 16" crash, 18" crash - Zildjian and other name brands.


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